My career included academic, corporate and private practitioner fields. In my private practice in Johannesburg and Randburg, I support people in finding balance, resilience and meaning in life.

I am a registered Social Worker, certified Imago Therapist and a Life and Business Coach.  Additionally, I act as a Wellness Consultant and Therapist, affiliated to various Employee Assistance Services.

I use an integrative approach; thus I do not subscribe to only one psychotherapeutic school of thought.  Each client is unique and requires a unique approach which is tailored to serve each individual’s distinctive needs and desires. The initial assessment and a discussion will be targeted at reaching goals which will contribute to resolving the present difficulty. The rate for each session of 50-55 minutes will be closely linked with existing medical aid rates.

I provide sessions in Afrikaans or English and work comfortably across different cultural and religious groups.